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July 16-17 Gallery is closed due to power outage and flooding. July 18-22 Gallery is closed due to Honda Indy.

Meeting Place. Art installation which was part of the Fragility of Peace exhibit at Withrow Common Gallery.
John Jacob Withrow. Image of the side profile of the gentleman.

Withrow Common is named in honour of the Canadian National Exhibition Association’s founder: John Jacob Withrow (1833-1900).

In addition to his leadership in creating a permanent exhibition on these grounds in 1879, Mr. Withrow served as founding president of the Toronto Industrial Exhibition Association, which was re-named the Canadian National Exhibition Association in 1912. Mr. Withrow served as the fair’s President from 1879 until his death in 1900.

A businessman, politician, and philanthropist, Mr. Withrow made many contributions to the city and community during his lifetime. He also served as an alderman for the City of Toronto from 1873 to 1878.

About Withrow Common

An initiative of the Canadian National Exhibition Association (CNEA), Withrow Common is an exciting new community event space located at Toronto’s Exhibition Place, across from the Princess Margaret Fountain.

The 2,675 square-foot venue lives in the west side of the Queen Elizabeth Building complex, which was constructed in 1957.

Designed by architects Page + Steele Inc., led by designer Peter Dickinson, the structure exemplifies the mid-century Modernist architecture movement in Toronto in the 1950s. This was a movement in which Dickinson played a prominent role (Ontario Association of Architects).

The building was originally envisioned as the CNE’s Women’s Building and was re-named the Queen Elizabeth Building in 1957. It has a long and rich history of hosting exhibits and educational events. Most recently, the space served as the Executive Offices for the Exhibition Place Board of Governors.

In 2016, the CNEA won a bid to redevelop these offices as a multi-purpose gallery space to facilitate events and workshops for the neighbouring community and beyond.

The renovation of the space was completed in 2017. The CNEA’s overall design concept for the renovation of the building was to honour its mid-century Modernist history, while embracing a clean, simple and contemporary look.

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Current Events

Metamorphosis of Self

Art Exhibition has been extended until July 25th

June 8th – July 25th

Withrow Common Gallery

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Past Exhibits

Hidden Histories of the CNE

This exhibition is a site participant of DOORS OPEN TORONTO, a city-wide celebration of open doors recognized as one of Toronto’s most culturally significant events.

May 25 – May 30

Withrow Common Gallery

Championing Disability Inclusion in Employment; The Legacy of David C. Onley

March 8th, 2024 – April 6th, 2024

Withrow Common Gallery

Image of the interior of the exhibit hall. Championing Disability in Employment - The Legacy of David C. Onley. Images on the walls of his contributions.


Art Exhibit & Fundraiser in Support of Ukraine

April 20 – May 18, 2024

Withrow Common Gallery

Echoes of Entertainment: Concert History at the CNE

About the Exhibit Immerse yourself in a captivating visual narrative, where the past is rekindled through a breathtaking display of the CNE’s legendary concerts, accompanied by an exquisite symphony of melodies. Drawing from a curated selection of photographs sourced from the rich CNE Archives, as well as an exclusive assortment from renowned Toronto artist, Lou […]

Aug 18th – Sep 5th, 2023

Withrow Common Gallery

Echoes of Entertainment A Concert History at the CNE Exhibit. Image of the interior of the gallery exhibit with photographs of various performers of entertainers.


Ultimately, we ask you to decide – where does the original art begin and when does it end? We are inviting you to become a part of this investigative showcase at Canadian National Exhibition’s year-round venue – Withrow Common Gallery.

Oct 20th – Jan 5th

Withrow Common Gallery


Interactive Art Installation A satellite project byWithrow Common Gallery at Enercare Centre, Hall C, Galleria, CNE 2023 Open daily: 12PM – 8PM Weaving Unity, Protection, and Peace In a world plagued by uncertainty and the looming shadows of conflict, the power of art to heal, connect, and express the collective human spirit is exemplified in […]

Aug 18th – Sep 5th, 2023


Image of the Ukrainian flag painted on the inside of a hand. The hand is trying to get through a barrier made of white cloth. Image was featured in the Safety Net exhibit.


Sheinina Lolita Raj has pursued the portrayal of what it is to be intercultural – to have more than one base. She has sought out the traditional garb of women in twenty-five countries and, using her image as the model, adorned the traditional outfits and photographed her image transposed across twenty-five countries’ traditions. Winner of the most innovative artist award at World Art Dubai, her exhibition returns to Toronto after a 7-year hiatus.

April 28th – July 1st, 2023

Withrow Common Gallery

Header Image - Intercultural Women. Image of the artist in three different garments, photography from the exhibit.

The Sublime: A Collection by Reynold Thomas

This collection is an exploration of the philosophy of the beautiful and the perceptions of the beautiful in an attempt to expand beyond calculation, measurement or imitation.

January 26th – April 6th, 2023

Withrow Common Gallery

Angst. Image from The Sublime: A Collection by Reynolds Thomas exhibit at Withrow Common Gallery.

Live Model Art Classes with Female Motivators

During Black History Month, our guest sitters will feature female leaders that are making history right now. These art classes will encourage you to sketch, listen to stories, write poetry or simply vibe with a camera in your hand!

February 1st, February 8th, February 15th, February 22nd, March 1st, March 8th, March 15th, March 22nd, March 29th, April 5th 2023

Withrow Common Gallery

Live model posing with a prop in the art gallery. Model was part of a series of art classes lead by female motivators.

Invasion Redux

Gallery guests can observe “art-in-the-making” as the two artists work on pieces that respond to the deadly and tragic events resulting from Russia’s current assault on their homeland.

April 21st – May 29th, 2022

Withrow Common Art Gallery

Invasion Redux. Photograph from the featured exhibit.

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Paid parking is available in the north lot of Withrow Common Gallery. During events at Exhibition Place, parking prices may vary.

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​The Withrow Common Gallery hours are subject to exhibit schedules. For specific gallery hours, please visit the event page. For any other times or private showings, please email us at [email protected].

How do I get to Withrow Common via Public Transit?

Click here for a Google map to the Withrow Common Gallery. Alternatively, click here for an onsite map to Withrow Common. If you are taking GO Transit, exit at Exhibition Station. For TTC – TTC Buses & Streetcars offer direct service to the CNE, stopping at the Dufferin Gate Loop (west end of CNE grounds) and Exhibition Loop (via east end of grounds). Visit ttc.ca for “Best Route” information.

How do I know when there are new exhibits?

Stay in touch with us by following Withrow Common on Instagram & Facebook.

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In accordance with public health guidelines as issued by the Provincial and Municipal governments we will not be enforcing mandatory mask requirements at this time. Guests are welcome, but not required to wear face coverings.

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