Art Show

Metamorphosis of Self

Art Exhibition

About the Exhibit

This multimedia exhibition explores the dynamic process of self-discovery and delves into the nature of one’s true essence depicting the journey through different forms of outward expression, be it art, dance, poetry, fashion, stories told or listened to. The curated selection of artworks featured in this exhibition serves as “documented evidence” of this metamorphic process, offering a glimpse into the inner explorations of the artists’ minds and souls.

Visitors will be encouraged to engage with the artworks and reflect on their own experiences of change and self-expression, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities of human identity and the mystery of personal transformation.


Participating artists:

Emmanuel Mark Clothakis, Denys Golden, Sarah Hunter, Ihor Bolbas (AKA Angela B), Olivia Mae Sinclair, Caylen Monroe, Tyler Burey, Patricia Aldbridge and Daria Tishchenko.

Open to public


June 8th – June 29th

Tuesday – Friday, 5-7 PM

Saturday, 12 PM – 6 PM


Withrow Common Gallery