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The Sublime: A Collection by Reynold Thomas

About The Art Show

The Sublime: A Collection by Reynold Thomas is an exploration of the philosophy of the beautiful and the perceptions of the beautiful in an attempt to expand beyond calculation, measurement or imitation. Conceptually, the sublime challenges perspectives of greatness, intellect, the physical and the intangible. Through different styles and strokes, Thomas juxtaposes rational to irrational expression overlaying the abstract with realistic imagery- from smooth liquid charcoal lines to broken geometry. Thomas attempts to deconstruct the complexities of being while enveloped in expressions of emotion, beauty, power and transcendence all conveyed through abstract, figurative and cultural imagery. This exhibition is Thomas’ pursuit to evoke the strongest sense of emotion and features works from a few of his other series collections – Different Strokes Freedom Series, Afrocentricity, Liquid Emotions, and Perplex Faces.


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Art Classes led by the artist every Wednesday beginning February 1st. Click here to register and view the schedule.

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Exhibit Opening Reception: January 26 from 7pm to 9pm

January 26 – April 6, Thurs & Fri 5pm to 7pm

January 26 – April 6, Sat 12pm to 6pm

Additional times by appointment only.


Withrow Common Gallery