Art Show

Fragility of Peace

The Fragility of Peace art exhibit features the work of renowned multimedia artist Mykola Zhuravel, highly accomplished video/photo artist Daria Tischenko-Zhuravel, and multimedia artist Mihael Deyak. The exhibition juxtaposes the works created in peace and war times, emphasizing the fragile nature of peace, and that it should never be assumed. It should be fought for and requires constant hard work and devotion to keep it.

We are deeply honoured to feature at the heart of this exhibition the Toronto urban-scape titled Meeting Place, created by Mykola and showcased opposite to Mariupol Madonna, a cry and prayer for his bleeding Motherland. These two large-scale new paintings were created at the CNE Association art residence studio in Withrow Common Gallery. Mykola worked on these paintings from April through August 2022 – following his family’s exodus from bombed Kyiv and their arrival in Toronto in March. This exhibition features the work of all Ukrainian artists. Mihael Deyak is still residing in Kyiv and his vibrant landscapes are the only works outside of his country. 

Another enticing feature is a Canadian Flag titled Maple Leaf by Daria, a photographic collage made up of images of the hands of those Canadians that provided support and solace for her family at their new home and shelter in Canada. 

There is also a special mural feature by guest artist, Caylen Monroe.