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Sheinina Lolita Raj has pursued the portrayal of what it is to be intercultural – to have more than one base. She has sought out the traditional garb of women in twenty-five countries and, using her image as the model, adorned the traditional outfits and photographed her image transposed across twenty-five countries’ traditions. Winner of the most innovative artist award at World Art Dubai, her exhibition returns to Toronto after a 7-year hiatus. As Prime Minister Trudeau voiced in support of the Intercultural Exhibition: “… it is our openness and multiculturalism that will prove to be the foundation of our future prosperity.”


Canada, and more specifically, Toronto, presents a microcosm of the world. From First Nations to new Canadians, Toronto organically accepts the multiplicity of cultures. But it is a complex relationship. People reminisce about their origins, value their original homes and culture, while seeking to understand and adopt their new horizons. Women have been the backbone of successful immigration. They are the nurturers, the base of the family unit, while often being the key component supporting, if not driving, the families’ economic fortunes and the success of their children’s  integration. It is an odd mix: on the one hand holding on to past connections and traditions while letting go to further advance in a new land. Toronto continues to be the working model leading the world. Appropriate to celebrate this Exhibition here. This exhibit is free to attend, gallery hours may differ.

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Opening Reception: April 27th, 6-9pm

Thursdays and Fridays, 5-7pm

Saturdays, 12-6pm

Other times by appointment only

Canada Day Long Weekend June 30th – July 1st, by appointment only

Saturday May 27th, 10-5pm for Doors Open Toronto

Sunday May 28th, 10-5pm for Doors Open Toronto


Withrow Common Gallery

Iranian Woman
Israeli Woman
Inuit Woman