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Championing Disability Inclusion in Employment; The Legacy of David C. Onley

About the Exhibit

The Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN) is celebrating the life and legacy of the late Honourable David C. Onley.

The Withrow Common Gallery at the CNE co-organized an exhibition dedicated to the life and important advocacy work of former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, David C. Onley to create an accessible and inclusive Ontario for people who have a disability. Onley advocated fiercely for the rights of people who have disabilities, the right to access transportation, public buildings, and services, and the right to be treated equally.

This exhibition is a reflection of his life and everything he represented. Onley championed a vision of accessibility for everyone, “that which enables all people to achieve their full potential”. Onley’s mission was to enable people who have a disability to fully participate and contribute to the social, cultural, and economic aspects of society in meaningful ways.

Exhibit extended!


March 8th – April 6th

Tuesday – Saturday

12:00pm – 6:00pm


Withrow Common Gallery

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