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Matt Chessco's Art (r)Evolution

This exhibition intersects technology and art, artificial intelligence and human expression, digital originals and robotic replicas. You are invited to embark on a journey that blends digital and painted artistry.

At the beginning are pixels and code that are then enhanced with a human touch to create physical artworks only to have those artworks revert back to digital creations. It is a full circle creative process from virtual to canvas to virtual. One can touch, feel, observe, and purchase the physical piece or opt for the virtual. Finally, in an unexpected turn, that human touch – the art on canvas – stroke by stroke – is recreated at the “hands” of a robot. The result is not a print of an original, but an original replica. How does it fit into art’s hierarchy? Where does the original end and a copy begin? What is official and what is artificial?

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Tuesday to Saturday From 12pm-6pm


Withrow Common Gallery

Visit the Withrow Common Gallery to see Matt Chessco's Art (r)Evolution.

Chessco was schooled as an engineer but has always been an artist. His process blends his technical training with his artistic spirit.  Step into the realm of Matt Chessco, the visionary artist-in-residence at CNE’s Withrow Common Gallery, as he wields his stylus like a modern-day wizard. Witness the creation of vibrant celebrity portraits and animal paintings on digital canvases, followed by the astonishing transformation of these digital masterpieces into the realm of physical painting. It is an intricate dance between the digital and the physical, from the ethereal strokes of coded paint to the meticulous mastery of blending hues. This showcase is posing the question whether this new medium truly will represent a modern renaissance. 

Whether the traditional artworld favours Chessco may be irrelevant. His artworks and process have generated millions of views through social platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and so on. He has generated significant sales of his originals, his robotic replicas, and NFTs of his creations minted and spirited through the virtual universe on Opensea. It is apropos that Withrow Common Gallery is combining Chessco’s exhibition launch with the premiere of the Withrow Common Gallery in the metaverse. Not only will Chessco dazzle Exhibition attendees at our physical address, avatars will be able to explore this Exhibition at our virtual rendition of the Gallery and will have the opportunity to purchase NFTs of his celebrity and animal renditions as they peruse our virtual space.  

This journey highlights the transformative power of social media and virtual reality as artistic platforms in their own right. In an age of global connectivity, artists transcend geographical borders, and their works resonate across time zones, cultures and platforms. Discover how hashtags and viral trends shape this modern-day dynamic, blurring the lines between the artist and their audience and how one Exhibition can be two – whether attendees choose to be in the physical ArtOfficial space or in the virtual exhibition of the same name. Is one any less poignant than the other? 

Art Official Matt Chessco's Art Revolution poster, featuring the artist and various celebrities painted in his style of art.

Ultimately, we ask you to decide – where does the original art begin and when does it end? We are inviting you to become a part of this investigative showcase at Canadian National Exhibition’s year-round venue – Withrow Common Gallery.